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Two Tone Dorchester Seat Covers
(Custom Fit and Tailor Made)
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Our Two Tone Dorchester Line of Seat Covers

The Dorchester fabric is one of the most popular and durable of all the heavy duty fabrics. We've added it as an optional two tone fabric to give you a personal touch to your seat covers. This fabric makes great seat covers for vehicles that need superb protection. Dorchester is a heavy duty fabric and the foam that we add to the back makes it almost indestructible. Even if you have a hard working fleet of trucks, vans, or taxi cabs you won't be able to wear this one out. If you happen to get the fabric dirty, you can clean all of our upholstery style fabrics with a spray on fabric or carpet cleaner and then vacuum it off. Some of the fleets who have purchased this hard working seat cover include: Detention Centers, City fleets, Road Paving crews, Utility companies, Airport shuttles, and buses just to name a few. Many Ford, Chevy and Dodge fleets have benefited from the protection that this seat cover can give.

Because the fabric is so thick please note that it may not conform to the seat as well as a cover like the Scottsdale. If that is a concern try the other upholstery fabrics that we offer.

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