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All golf cart seat covers are custom made after the order is placed. The seat covers usually ship within seven (7) business days.

All golf cart seat covers are custom made when ordered. Returns are only accepted if the material has any type of defect or flaw, or if the seat covers don't fit. In that case, a return authorization number is required to send the covers back for alterations or replacement (manufacturer's decision). The customer is responsible for shipping charges. For any return questions, call 1-888-410-5050, or email us at

The workmanship and materials of our products are warranted to be free of defects for one (1) year from date of purchase.

We guarantee the fit on all golf cart seat covers. The covers are custom made exactly off the measurements for each golf cart seat. We currently only make Covers for Club Car, Yamaha, and EZ-Go Models. Our Golf Cart Seat Covers only work on the stock golf cart seats. They will not fit on aftermarket seats or on seats that have been re-upholstered, which tends to have added foam, thus altering the original dimensions. To get covers made for these types of seats, we will need to get the measurements from you.

As our covers are made from scratch, if you make the mistake ordering a seat cover for a stock seat, and you in fact do not have stock seats, you are either stuck with the covers or will be charged a $50 re-stocking fee!!! How to check if your seats are stock. 99% of the time cloth seats are not stock. So if you have cloth seats, most likely we are going to need to get the measurements from you to make you a set. If your backrests or bottom are very deeply contoured with bolsters for you to fit in the seat better, they are not stock. 99% of seats that are all vinyl, are going to be stock.

To order covers for your golf cart with aftermarket or re-upholstered seats, fill out the form on the page of the material you are interested in. In the comments box upon checkout, include the length width and thickness of both the top and bottom cushions. We'll take care of everything from there.

Spot Cleaning Directions
  1. Liqud stains should be allowed to dry and then cleaned with a sponge and a common household suds detergent.
  2. Dirty oil and grease stains should be first spot cleaned with a cleaning fluid containing Naptha to remove the solvent soluble matter. Any stain residue should be cleaned by a shampoo employing a household upholstery cleaner, such as Carbona upholstery and rug shampoo or Woolite upholstery shampoo.
  3. It is always best to use a carpet cleaner on the Seat Cover while it is on the seat. THat way, you will avoid unneccessarily taking the Seat Cover off and on the seat. Always read the instructions carefully before cleaning any seat cover fabric to make sure that it is compatible with the fabric being cleaned.
  4. Always clean or test a small area of your seat cover before applying large amounts of cleaner.

Golf Cart Seat Covers are designed to go over the stock seats and upholstery. It is not a replacement upholstery kit. They are meant to go on and take off easily, yet stay in place as long as they are securely fastened. Covers will not fit on seats if the seats have been re-upholstered, which tends to have added foam, thus altering the original dimensions.

1. Slide the cover on over the existing seat.
2. Pull the draw strings tight and tie off, for both the bottom and back cushion. (The draw string indicates which way the cover should be put on. Draw strings on the bottom cushion will come together towards the back of the cushion. Draw Strings on the top cushion will come together on the bottom portion).
3. On the sides of the seat are elastic straps which can be anchored to the underside of the seat, or to each other.
4. If desired, for a more secure fit, small black loops are added to the seat cover. Provided are separate draw strings, which can be tied to these loops and run to another loop.

These instructions apply to all golf cart models exept the Yamaha G1 Buckets. Fur Seat Covers have no draw strings, but will install in the same manner.