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About Our Company

We have been manufacturing seat covers & accessories for over 38 years. We started our company with several main focuses:

  1. To make seat covers that would fit almost any year make and model.
  2. To use durable upholstery style fabrics. (Not the cheap 2-4 dollar range fabrics that most companies use) (GIGO=Garbage in garbage out)
  3. To add comfort to most of our seat cover fabrics by adding a 3/8 inch foam backing
  4. To offer a Full Custom full fabric back on almost all fabrics we use, instead of the prevalent nylon stretch back thus providing a better fit and years more use.
  5. And to offer a huge selection of choices to fit any customers tastes.
Seat Covers Unlimited - Leatherette

Why are we so focused on quality? Answer: The consumer today respects and demands it. Customers want a seat cover that looks good, fits good, and lasts for the time that they keep their vehicle. They are tired of having a cover that slides all over their seat. We have also received many compliments from customers on the increased resale value that covering their seats brings.

We at Seat Covers Unlimited also knew that we would be around for many years to come if we provided a quality product. Our pattern makers are the best in the business. We began manufacturing full fabric back seat covers when most of the other companies said it could not be done. Therefore our pattern line is much more comprehensive. We likely have the most complete pattern line available for cars, trucks, and sport utility vehicles. Most other seat cover companies are shy when it comes to making seat covers for hard to fit seat configurations - we enjoy the challenge. Many seat cover companies have come and gone since we started because they were focused solely on their bottom line and quantity instead of quality.

If your vehicle is not listed don't worry just pick up the phone and call us 1-888-255-8086 and we will let you know if we have a pattern for your year, make, and model or we'll search for a vehicle to obtain a pattern for you:

We take pride in the fact that once you become a customer of Seat Covers Unlimited you will use us anytime you buy a new or used vehicle. Try us once and you'll be a customer for life.

Our seat cover manufacturing facility is located in sunny Mesa, Arizona. We have consistently grown at a rate of 10-15% every year.

Seat Covers Unlimited Facility