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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install my seat covers?

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Will my seat covers arrive before Christmas?

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Will Seat Covers work on Seats with Side Airbags?

We keep hearing from people that the Dealership told them they can't put Seat Covers on their car cause it has side airbags. Seat Covers can be installed on Vehicles with Side Airbags. We Custom make our covers from scratch for each individual vehicles specifications. We have tried and tested them, with 100% success. We also tested a seat cover that was not custom made for the airbags, and the Seat Cover in fact did hinder the airbag from deploying properly.

How much do seat covers cost?
It depends on the fabric and fit option you choose.  Pricing can be found by selecting a material from our home page.  On the following page will be a listing of prices.  ALL PRICING IS FOR A PAIR OF BUCKETS OR FOR A BENCH SEAT.  All armrests, headrest, and console covers are separately as some people do not want covers for these.

What is the difference between Universal, Custom, Full Custom and Tailor Made under the fit options?

Full Custom is our most popular option for several reasons.  It is a guaranteed fit as we make the covers specifically for your year make and model.  It has the full fabric of your choice all the way around the back of the seats and around the bottom edges of the seat.  Full Custom not only looks nicer, but will hug your seat tighter, therefore lasting longer.  With the full fabric backing, adding map pockets is available. It is a cover for those who take pride in their vehicle.

Custom is a guaranteed fit as well but will only have the fabric of your choice on the face of the seats. Around the bottom edges and back of the seat will be a replacement polyester fabric.  Map pockets cannot be added to this material. This cover costs less than the Full Custom but won't stay in place as well over a period of time as the Full Custom will. This cover allows the customer good protection at a lower price.

Universal covers are a standard size cover which will only fit a few different seat styles.  They are not made for any specific vehicle.  There are no guarantees how well it will fit. If Universal Fit isn't enabled after entering your vehicles Year Make and Model on any given fabric page, it could be for various reasons such as, the seats having side airbags, integrated seat belts, split bench configurations, or simply that your seat is too wide or too tall for a Universal.

Tailor Made seat covers are very similar to the Full Custom Fit option as they are a guaranteed fit, they come with the full fabric backing, and allow the option of adding back map pockets. It is different than the Full Custom as the Tailor Made has extra seams and extra paneling to the seat cover. This makes the Tailor Made Cover a little more 3 Dimensional which makes for the Ultimate Fit. Tailor Made options are generally a little more expensive as more sewing and paneling are involved to piece the seat covers together. This fit might be for you if:

  • Your seats are heavily contoured with side bolsters
  • If your seat has integrated Seat Belts
  • If you just want to go the extra mile
The Tailor Made is only available for some vehicles. If Tailor Made isn't available in the "Fit" options after entering your vehicles Year Make and Model on any given fabric page, it's either because we don't have a Tailor Made pattern for your vehicle, or simply because your seats are basic enough that Full Custom is the way to go.

Do the seat covers come with a warranty?
The covers are covered free from material flaws or defects.  And a 1 year warranty on craftsmanship, covering the seams and stitching.

Can I return my covers if I am not satisfied?
If it is a universal cover, the covers can be returned with a return authorization number which is issued from a Seat Covers Unlimited employee.

If it is a Custom, Full Custom, or Tailor Made cover they cannot be returned. These Seat Covers are made from scratch as the orders are placed. We build the covers specifcally for your vehicles year, make, model, seat style, seat options, in the fabric of your choice, and in the color you select. If there is a problem with the fit in any way, we will accept the return for alterations or replacement only.  A return authorization number will first need to be issued.

Products must be in resellable condition and in the original packaging. Refunds are subject to a restocking fee.

What vehicles do you make seat covers for?
We manufacture seat covers for all Cars, Trucks, and SUV’s.  Our database goes back to models from the50’s and 60’s to brand new vehicles this year. With questions of any other type of vehicle send us an email.

How can I check on my order?
Go to the contact page and send an email with your name, phone number, and date you placed the order.

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept Credit and Debit. Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. We also accept Paypal, Checks, and Money Orders as well. To pay with Paypal, Checks or Money Orders, contact us by phone or email us to get a calculated total. After payment is received, we will start to build your covers.

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