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Neo-Hawaiian (Neo-Supreme): Hawaiian Floral Design Seat Cover

Neo-Supreme Hawaiian Seat Covers are just what you may have guessed, highly water resistant seat covers that are made from black neo-supreme fabric on the outside, with a Hawaiian insert to give the cover a truly tropical look and feel. These are not just girl seat covers but we have patterns that men like as well such as the surfboard patterns and men don't forget that a set of these covers will make a great gift that will keep them remembering you every time they get in their car. They make great Jeep Wrangler seat covers, but look fantastic in almost any vehicle. We are constantly adding new Hawaiian patterns to this great line up of vacation reminding seat covers. In other words they make you feel like you are on a tropical island far away from the cares and troubles of everyday life. They even take the edge off of crazy traffic and the thought of work. Check out all of the options, colors and patterns by starting with our state of the art look up window.

This highly water resistant seat cover is made from Black Neo-Supreme fabric on the outsides with a Hawaiian style center for a paradise-like and sporty look. The outsides are made from Neo-Supreme which has been treated to withstand the sun better than neoprene. This sporty cover looks great in cars, trucks, and SUV's.

Please note:

  • To help us provide you with the best fitting seat cover possible, complete all Options above.
  • Universal fit seat covers priced per pair. Custom and Full Custom fit seat covers are sold per pair or bench.
  • Don't forget to order matching Armrests, Headrests, Litter Bags, Steering Wheel Covers, & Seat Belt Covers for your vehicle at the end of the selection.

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