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Non-Shed Fur Seat Covers

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OUR PRICE: (per row/pair of seats)
Universal: Starting At $69.00
Rarely a good fit, but protects seat.
Custom: Starting At $148.00
Better Fit- Full Fabric Back
Some fits may not be available on certain seat styles.
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Our Non-shed Line of Seat Covers

The warmth and soft comfort of these non-shed imitation sheepskin seat covers may be the perfect addition to your vehicle's interior. This is a favorite car seat cover for Toyota, Honda, Nissan, and Hyundai drivers just to name a few. At Seat Covers Unlimited we offer a wide range of colors and styles for most vehicle makes and models so you can protect the original seats while enjoying a more comfortable ride.

These seat covers are made from a non-shed acrylic that won't leave fibers on your clothes every time you exit the vehicle. We focus our designs on appearance, fit, and durability, so you can easily install your new seat covers and use them for years without worrying about deteriorating quality or unwanted sliding.

Start your order today by filling in some details about your vehicle. The process of finding the perfect fit is quick and easy. When you've found the seat covers for your make, model, and year, simply place your order and take advantage of our affordable pricing and dedicated service.

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Customer Reviews

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Best Seat Covers Available
Posted on 09/27/11

Eric L. - 1993 Acura Integra (Stansbury Park, UT)

"Got my custom seat covers and they're FANTASTIC!!!! Thanks so much I will tell everyone but really won't have to when they see them they'll ask! Will recommend every opportunity!"

Quick Shipping, Excellent Fit
Posted on 07/15/10

Thomas A. - 2006 Ford Focus (Las Cruces, NM)

"They were custom cut and delivered before most other companies could even get me an estimate on turnaround time. The fit is excellent, yet was easy to remove for washing."

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