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Full Custom: $168.00 Better Fit- Full fabric back.
Tailor Made: $198.00 Best Fit- 3-Dimensional Cover.
Some fits may not be available on certain seat styles.

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Vinyl Seat Cover: High Grade Durability

Once again Seat Covers Unlimited, in listening to feedback from our loyal customers, has created a seat cover strong enough to repel stains and liquids that leave a seat marred beyond repair. Vinyl makes a great truck seat cover especially if it is used for construction crews road crews or oil rig teams. Many companies buy this one for fleet seat covers just for the reasons stated above. If you are looking for car seat covers we would recommend that you see our leatherette seat covers page as they are more appealing being offered in two tone and they have a more 3 dimensional fit and look, but for tough truck type jobs this vinyl cover does a great job. If you are worried about vinyl being hot in the summer and cold in the winter you are right and the Dorchester Seat Cover would fit your needs better as it is the toughest fabric most used for fleet seat covers by our fleet customers. Check out all of our colors and the pricing options by going to the easy look up above and selecting your make and model.

Please note:

  • To help us provide you with the best fitting seat cover possible, complete all Options above.
  • Universal fit seat covers priced per pair. Custom and Full Custom fit seat covers are sold per pair or bench.
  • Don't forget to order matching Armrests, Headrests, Litter Bags, Steering Wheel Covers, & Seat Belt Covers for your vehicle at the end of the selection.
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