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Saddle Blanket
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Pricing is based on fit:     (Per row/pair)
Universal: $55.00 Rarely a good fit, but protects seat.
Custom: $128.00 Good Fit- Stretch polyester back.
Full Custom: $158.00 Better Fit- Full fabric back.
Some fits may not be available on certain seat styles.

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Saddle Blanket Seat Cover: Rugged and Durable

Saddle Blanket Seat Covers have been manufactured by our company since its inception over 25 years ago. They are famous for being a rough and tough fabric for truck seat covers, but oddly enough we now have many fabrics that will outlast the Saddle Blanket and they are showcased in our Heavy Duty Seat Cover line-up. But back to the Saddle Blanket story. In the early 1970's a man made a trip to southern Utah and discovered another gentleman who had taken a Saddle Blanket, called Saddle Blanket because they were originally designed to go between a horse and the saddle to protect them both, and he placed it on his truck seat. Later he had tie downs sewn on it and strapped it to the seat so that it would be less likely to move. From there the idea took hold and covers were made, but strangely enough people liked the idea of making car seat covers from this material as well. There wasn't too much to choose from in those days. As a result you'd see saddle blanket car seat covers in a Cadillac, Honda, Nissan and many other models too. Two years ago we purchased the original Saddle blanket Seat Cover Company mentioned above and have added their customers to ours, but we gave them so many other options. Their customers have loved our Dorchester and Scottsdale Seat Covers, and have loved the durability and style of the leatherette seat covers. Don't worry though we still sell thousands of Saddle Blanket cover every year but mostly in the Mid-West. Begin you search by selecting your year make and model above.

Please note:

  • To help us provide you with the best fitting seat cover possible, complete all Options above.
  • Universal fit seat covers priced per pair. Custom and Full Custom fit seat covers are sold per pair or bench.
  • Don't forget to order matching Armrests, Headrests, Litter Bags, Steering Wheel Covers, & Seat Belt Covers for your vehicle at the end of the selection.

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