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Pricing is based on fit:     (Per row/pair)
Universal: $69.00 Rarely a good fit, but protects seat.
Custom: $148.00 Good Fit- Stretch polyester back.
Full Custom: $168.00 Better Fit- Full fabric back.
Tailor Made: $198.00 Best Fit- 3-Dimensional Cover.
Some fits may not be available on certain seat styles.

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Madrid Seat Cover: A Stylish Cover

Madrid is an OEM type upholstery fabric and has a soft feel, but don't let that fool you, it is also rugged and is a great fabric for SUV's and other types of vehicles especially if you like to wear shorts while driving as this fabric is not rough to the touch but will feel good on your legs and is one of those warm in the winter cool in the summer fabrics.

We mentioned this as a good fit for SUV seat covers but Madrid also is great for car seat covers and truck seat covers as well. The Madrid pattern itself has two contrasting stripes in the color of your choice running at 45-degree angles to give a two tone look to your covers and to help hide wear and soil. The Madrid cover comes in 6 great colors. The charcoal and Taupe are the most popular as they are darker and hide the dirt and wear better, but some interiors just call for the other colors. It is one of those fabrics that we have been using for over a decade because of its' popularity with our customers. Try out a set of Madrid covers today or just check pricing and information above by starting with your make, model and year.

  • Available in 6 Different Colors.
  • 3/8 inch foam backing for added comfort, fit, and durability.
  • Pre-Treated with a Scotch Guard (stain protector).
  • Available for almost every car truck and SUV.
  • Guaranteed fit when selecting Custom or Full Custom Fit Covers.
  • Proudly manufactured in the U.S.A.
  • 1 year warranty on seams and stitching.

Please note:

  • To help us provide you with the best fitting seat cover possible, complete all Options above.
  • Universal fit seat covers priced per pair. Custom and Full Custom fit seat covers are sold per pair or bench.
  • Don't forget to order matching Armrests, Headrests, Litter Bags, Steering Wheel Covers, & Seat Belt Covers for your vehicle at the end of the selection.

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