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Full Custom Fit Seat Cover Installation Instructions

  1. Tie a string to each of the loops that will go through the crack of the seat, and at least 1 on the front part of the seat cover.

  2. Fit the cover on the bottom cushion, then feed the strings through the crack of the seat. You should be able to see the loops from the backside once pulled through.

  3. Run each separate string under the seat to a support spring, then back to the loop. Tie off in a slip knot for easy removal. Make sure you go above any electronic components and moving mechanisms. The picture below shows the cover tied off with slip knots. At this point you will cut off the excess string.

  4. Below is the front part of the seat, where the backs of your legs will be. You can run just 1 string to a spring and back as you did for the opposite end. If you would like to do more than 1, it won't hurt, but 1 should do the job. Cut off the excess string after tied off.

  5. Looking at the side of the seat the material on most seats at this point will be hanging over the side plastic panels. Go ahead and tuck the seat cover into that side panel.

  6. Below shows each end of the draw string resting on the seat. Run both ends through the crack of the seat.

  7. Before pulling tight, work the draw strings from the center where you fed it to, to the outer edges around the sides of the cushion. Pull tight and tie it off in a slipknot. Cut off the excess string.

  8. With the top covers you will start by removing the adjustable headrests, if applicable. Some headrests are easily removed by simply pushing the release button and sliding the headrest out. Others will require using common household items to remove them.

    Some Ford Trucks have a visible release button on one molding and a recessed button on the other molding. Press both buttons at the same time to remove.

    Older Jeep Cherokees twist the round moldings in the direction of the arrow on the molding.

    Dodge Dakotas have a groove in the side of the molding which you can insert a small flat head screw driver into, to release the headrest.

    GM and some Ford models have pinholes in the plastic base moldings. Use a finishing nail or paper clip to release the headrests. It might be easiest on these configurations to have a second person pull up on the headrest for you as your are pressing both release buttons simultaneously.

  9. Tie a string to each of the loops on the longer bottom edge of the cover.

  10. Slide the top on the seat and pull it down as far as it will go. Remember the longer side of the cover with the strings will be the part that your back will lean against.

  11. Before you run the strings through the crack of the seat, fold both corners at an angle as shown below. This will keep the corners from getting wrinkles after you tie the top cover down.

  12. Pull the string through the crack of the seat, while pulling the seat cover downward on the front portion. This will help the cover to form nicely.

    Once the cover is pulled down locate the loops sewn to the inside of the back portion of the seat as shown in the picture below. Run the strings to those loops and tie them off. Trim the excess string.

  13. If you have pulled the cover down all the way and have tied it off tight you should be able to see an outline of where the plastic pieces are that the heads go into.

    Feel with your hand where the hole is that the headrest posts go into.

  14. Starting at where the hole is that the headrests go into, cut a small X shape into the tops. As shown in the picture below. Make sure and feel through the cover that you do not cut further than the plastic. Cut the X just shy of the corners of the plastic.

    Start to work one corner by tucking the seat cover underneath the plastic pieces until its completely tucked in.

  15. Slide your headrests back in and your finished.

Universal Fit Seat Cover Installation Instructions

  1. Remove headrests.
  2. Place seat cover over the top of seat and pull it down over the seat.
  3. Place bottom of seat cover snugly over seat bottom.
  4. Fasten elastic straps under seat with supplied "S" hooks.
  5. Tie the supplied cord in position to ensure that the seat cover is held in shape.
  6. Make sure that seat cover is correctly installed.
  7. With a sharp instrument (razor blade, knife, scissors, etc....), cut small holes for your headrest or latches only after the cover is completely installed.
  8. Re-insert the headrest into your seat.

Custom Fit Seat Cover Installation Instructions

  1. Remove any hardware and headrests that may obstruct seat cover installation.
  2. Install bottom of seat cover first.
  3. Tie strings or straps to loops on seat cover. Then feed the strings or straps between the bottom of the seat and the seat backrest and fasten them under the seat to springs or to another opposing loop on the seat cover. This will help the cover to remain firmly in place.
  4. Next place the seat cover backrest on the seat backrest.
  5. Tie strings or straps to loops on the seat cover backrest. Then feed the strings or straps between the bottom and backrest of the seat and fasten them to corresponding loops on the top or sides of the seat cover.
  6. Make sure that seat covers are fitting snug and correctly. Make small openings in the seat cover fabric to accommodate headrests and hardware. Then re-install headrests and hardware.

Easy Cleaning Procedures For your new automotive seat covers

  1. Liquid Stains should be allowed to dry and then cleaned with a sponge and a common household suds detergent.
  2. Dirty oil and grease stains should be first spot cleaned with a cleaning fluid containing Naptha to remove the solvent soluble matter. Any stain residue should be cleaned by a shampoo employing a household upholstery cleaner, such as Carbona upholstery and rug shampoo or Woolite upholstery shampoo.
  3. It is always best to use a carpet cleaner on the Seat Cover while it is on the seat. That way you will avoid unnecessarily taking the Seat Cover off and on the Seat. Always read the instructions carefully before cleaning any seat cover fabric to make sure that it is compatible with the fabric being cleaned.
  4. Always clean or test a small area of your seat cover before applying large amounts of cleaner.

    All fabrics we make Seat Covers in are machine washable (Except Genuine Sheepskin). Wash on a cold cycle, then hang dry. Genuine Sheepskin need to be dry cleaned.
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