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Genuine Sheepskin
Genuine Sheepskin
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Stretch Back (Universal Fit): $218.00
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Double Cap (Universal Fit): $308.00
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Semi Tailor Made: $485.00
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Tailor Made: $585.00
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Some fits may not be available on certain seat styles.

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Genuine Sheepskin Seat Cover: Soft to the Touch
Seat Covers Unlimited is one of the largest sheepskin seat cover distributors in the US. Sheepskin car seat covers are ideal to protect leather interiors and to add comfort for the driver and passengers. We offer a wide variety of sheepskin seat cover patterns and colors. Sure we offer sheepskin seat covers for cars of all makes, but remember that sheepskin seat covers are also very popular for Suv's and trucks as well. We also offer different fits to help with those who are on a budget but would like to have the comfort. We carry Tailor made, Semi-tailor made, Double cap (a thick pelt with the look of the tailor made but is made in 4 different sizes, and will only cover about 50% of the car seats on the road), Super fit is also a universal type sheepskin seat cover and will fit a limited amount of vehicles as well, but our look up system will let you know your sheepskin fit options.

Some of the Sheepskin seat cover fits that we offer are the Tailor made which is made to be an exact fit seat cover for vehicle, the semi-tailor made which is once again made specifically for your car with a stretch wool back to save you some green. Then we also offer this Plush cover in two better than universal type fits. First Double cap which many companies try to pass off as tailor made because they are very close in looks and finally the Super-fit which is a universal fit sheepskin face seat cover with a stretch back.

Seat Covers Unlimited recently purchased a sheepskin company to be able to provide our customers with another option at the best possible pricing. We have purchased a fur company, and a two saddle blanket companies over the years to make sure that we have every possible fabric that a customer would like and we have some new surprises for our customers in the very near future in some alternative type sheepskin products. Once again we find ourselves at the front of the pack.

We also manufacture a non-shed imitation sheepskin seat cover for every make and model. These are a good alternative to sheepskin but are only 1/2" thick whereas most sheepskin seat covers are 3/4" to 1" in thickness. We also have animal print seat covers made from an imitation sheepskin for those with a taste for something wild.

In the near future we will be including our luxury fleece line with the look and feel of sheepskin. (Coming Soon)

Sheepskin seat covers are called the Cadillac of all seat covers for several reasons:

1. They are the most comfortable ride that you can imagine. You seem to float on air whether you are in the driver or passenger seats.
2. A Sheepskin seat cover will allow more air to circulate to your back and your bottom.
3. They make great Cadillac Seat Covers, Mercedes Seat Covers, and BMW Seat Covers just to name a few. But don't worry they will look fabulous in any car you drive.
4. These 1 inch sheepskin pelts are available in 12 colors to match any interior.

Please note:

  • To help us provide you with the best fitting seat cover possible, complete all Options above.
  • Universal fit seat covers priced per pair. Custom and Full Custom fit seat covers are sold per pair or bench.
  • Don't forget to order matching Armrests, Headrests, Litter Bags, Steering Wheel Covers, & Seat Belt Covers for your vehicle at the end of the selection.

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